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Sergio Jellinek & Associates is teaming up with select partners in various communications areas   to provide public and private sector clients with the best possible service.


Our business partners include:

Consulting Alliances

In addition to the partners above, Sergio Jellinek & Associates has joined forces with several exclusive consulting partners to expand our expertise and be able to handle a wide range of global issues.


Our consulting partners include:

Professional Memberships

-Sergio Jellinek is the head of the board of directors of The

Alliance of Communications for Sustainable Development, Complus.


-Sergio Jellinek is member of the Inspired Leadership Award (ILA) committee. The ILA was founded in 2006 and is traditionally presented at The Performance Theatre each year. In past years, the award has celebrated global business pioneers who embody the ideal of what a leader should be. Starting this year, it will be awarded to younger leaders who have shown that they have the potential to achieve positive change on a global scale. In 2015, The Performance Theatre meets in Lisbon, where it will draw on Portugal’s rich explorer history to reflect on how leaders can rejuvenate their relevance and guide their organisations into a new world of collaboration, innovation and sustainable growth. To learn more please visit their website theperformancetheatre.com

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INTERVIEW in La Nueva España newspaper: "Trump ha sabido canalizar el voto sumergido de los descontentos", Sergio Jellinek said. 

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ATREVIA y Sergio Jellinek & Associates pondrán en marcha un método que mide resultados en Comunicación

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Jeremy Heimans, co-founder and CEO of Purpose, announced winner of Inspired Leadership Award 

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La irreverente comunicación política de Trump:
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Las Américas: la concentración de medios en la mira
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OEA: un relato alternativo al de la Guerra Fría se abre paso

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Yo no soy Charlie, pero que viva Charlie
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Uruguay y la primera 'derrota' de Twitter
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Cambio climático: ¿Comunicar la tragedia o las soluciones?
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